gardnerhill (gardnerhill) wrote,

Drouble: "Retirement"

Another drouble, just because. I keep making these things...

Title: Retirement
Author: gardnerhill
Words: 200
Pairing: F/S or F&S, hard to tell with those touchy-feely hobbits…
Rating: G
Author's Note: "Do nothing" is not in some people's mission statements.

It was clear that Sam was unhappy. He was attentive and affectionate as always, but he stared out windows and drummed his fingers.

"There's nowt to do here!" he burst out one day, then ducked his head and blushed. "If that ain't the ungratefullest..."

But Frodo kissed Sam, relieved. "It's all right, Sam. Remember what Bilbo wrote about The Last Homely House? The right sort of house, whether you wanted to rest, or sing, or read..."

"Or work," Sam finished, and the word was a blessing on his lips. "Frodo, I've put my hand to everything needed doing for near a hundred years, and sitting about doing nothing ain't any sort of bliss for me, if you follow. In this weather, gardening ain't even work."

"We'll go to Avallone tomorrow, Sam. Elrond and Glorfindel, for two, would welcome your cooking skills in their households in a breath. Just let them know you're there to work, or a dozen Elves will beg for the honour of serving one of the Ringbearers." Frodo rolled his eyes.

"But you and Mr. Bilbo--"

"Will bide fine here. I'll be happy to see you on your days off."

Sam kissed Frodo. "Thank you, me dear."

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